Dense, Factual Research is Rendered Enjoyable,

“A phenomenal must read for all women.

Dense, factual research is rendered into an enjoyable, readable format taking us through the medicalization of women's issues, the estrogen conspiracy and finally, the evidence based solution.

The history of women's health and hormones is littered with contradictions and unfounded social/cultural bias. Myths or 'explanations' have been created and contorted to order the facts, and suppress rationales that have a sound basis in science.

The authors simplify the evidence, allowing us to understand the roles of estrogen and progesterone. High doses of estrogen are harmful. It causes heart disease, blood clots, stroke and breast cancer. It has not been shown to prevent anything that it has been touted as 'good for'. Progesterone, a co-star, plays an important role in women's balance and whole health, yet has been largely ignored. Progesterone balances out wildly spiking estrogen, serving as a physiological anchor; while providing positive impact on bone density,

Case studies are profiled where women are led through invasive procedures that exacerbate the problem yielding nightmarish results. Prior's frequent simple advice: a 2 week trial of progesterone, has freed women of oppressive symptoms, resulting in the cessation of surgeries and prescription refills. I know all about this. Due to Jerilynn Prior's diligence, holistic, thoughtful, and compassionate care. I survived a horrendous perimenopause, and fortunately avoided a hysterectomy and prescriptions that made me feel weaker and more vulnerable.
The book is complete by empowering reader with an appendix devoted to Understanding/ Surviving and Thriving in Perimenopause.”

Caren Perel