This is the Book that Explains it All

“Trying to figure out why you have night sweats when you're too young for menopause? Wondering why your doctors talks about estrogen deficiency and hormone replacement therapy when you remember the media coverage of the Women's Health Initiative stopping their trial? This is the book that explains it all - from perimenopause to the prevalence of estrogen in thinking about women's health.

Baxter and Prior have done extensive research on women's hormones, particularly estrogen and progesterone. In clear language they explain how they fluctuate throughout a women's cycle and life and how they interact with each other. It's not low estrogen that causes those night sweats - and all the other symptoms that can occur during perimenopause - it's actually high estrogen and the resulting imbalance between the two hormones. The authors also examine cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer - `aging' diseases often associated with menopause - and their connection to hormones. They explode the myths around estrogen keeping you young, reducing cardiovascular risk and preventing bone loss. They also discuss hormones and breast cancer and the role of mammograms.

Aside from explaining the medical side, what I found of particular interest was the explanation for why menopause is seen as a medical problem and how estrogen came to be the solution. The authors provide an historical, socio-cultural and political context for the medicalization of menopause.

One of the authors' stated goals in writing this book was to provide women with tools to help question their doctors and the advice they are given. Understanding more about how your hormones work and the reasoning and history behind that medical advice can only benefit all women.”

Nancy Peterson